Sin novedad

(No News)

Sin novedad (No News) by Miguel Berzal de Miguel is a film awarded, nominated or part of International Film Festivals like Västerås Film Festival, Orlando Film Festival, Social World Film Festival, New York City Independent Film Festival or Dumbo Film Festival; 19 candidatures at Premios Goya and 7 selections including “Best Film” at Premios Forqué.


Lola (Silvia Espigado) lives alone with her son, Jorge (Ignacio Jiménez), near to an industrial estate in Madrid. She works a lot of hours for a stingy and strict boss (Gonzalo de Castro) in a storage company.

One night, Jorge confesses to her mother that he has begun to keep in touch with his father, Marcos (Fernando Guillén Cuervo), who abandoned them a long time ago…

Gender: Fiction. Drama. Social. Psychological. Suspense.
Country of Production: Spain.
Filming Locations: Madrid, Spain.
Year of Production: 2017.
Running Time: 1:10:00.
Main Dialogue Language: Spanish.
Subtitle: Spanish, English, French and Italian.
Screen Ratio: 1:2’35.
Color: Color.
Sound Format: Stereo and 5.1. Surround Sound.


Silvia Espigado: Lola and Lola’s mother.
Fernando Guillén Cuervo: Marcos.
Ignacio Jiménez: Jorge.
Esmeralda Moya: Alba.
Silvia Marsó: Lidia.
Gonzalo de Castro: Mr. Alfonso.
Lola Casamayor: Rosario.
Nicolás Coronado: José.
Miryam Gallego: Psychologist.
Lydia Arcos: Little Lola.
Alejandro Garrido: Little Jorge.
Juan Carlos Gandía: Locksmith.
Carlos Franganillo: TV Hoster.
Víctor Cabrera Navarro: Alfredo.


Director: Miguel Berzal de Miguel.
Scriptwriter/Technical script: Miguel Berzal de Miguel.
Production (Line Producer) and Distribution Company: Miguel Berzal de Miguel.
Cinematographer: Pablo Bürmann.
Art Director, Costume, Make-Up and Hairstyle Designer: María Jesús de Miguel de Miguel.
Composer: Javier Berzal de Miguel.

“Mysterious family drama dealing with a profoundly human and every day subject matter. Very raw and real performances from the cast. Mesmerizing cinematography, and beautiful soundtrack, and expertly done mise-en-scene”.

Dances With Films (USA)

“Emotionally engaged throughout the entire film. Excellent screenplay and acting pull us along emotionally”.

Cleveland International Film Festival (USA)

“A sharp look into human nature”.

Dumbo Film Festival (USA)

“Such an amazing film”.

Julien Dubuque International Film Festival (USA)

“A great film”.

Festival Internacional de Cine de Alicante (Spain)

“A role that seeks depth naturally”.

Västerås Film Festival (Sweden)

“Silvia Espigado gives a thoughtful and professional performance in this well-crafted independent film. The cinematography and shot selection are also of particular note”.

Orlando Film Festival (USA)

“Miguel Berzal de Miguel offers a rare, raw and intimate cinematic study into what it takes to rupture an unbreakable mother and son umbilical bond- and one of the best independent films of the year”.

Lonely Wolf: London International FilmFestival (United Kingdom)

Sin novedad (No News), a film that dives deep into pain (past, present, and future) which devastates the protagonist of the story when photographs from the past (inert images) converge in a shadow-filled present. In order to contextualize the story through a musical lens, the producer had the help of Javier Berzal de Miguel, a musician who set the biorhythms that give continuity to the film’s little stories to an appropriate tempo. The score presents textures that range from the ethereal or atmospheric to the most emotive, so that we are always on the protagonist’s side. Javier has written a work that is as interesting as it is honest, and which governs the biorhythms of characters that are living trapped by their past. The composer’s musical sense is credible and not at all pretentious, [with] elements that ultimately define a good soundtrack and which the musician uses with great narrative sensitivity”.

Melománo Digital (Revista de Música Clásica) (Spain)

“A moving first film”.

Informativos Alicante (Spain)

Sin novedad is Spanish cinema, but, at the same time it’s a story that could come from any corner of the planet”.

Celuloide con alma (Spain)

“The weight of the past, the loneliness, the wickedness. A film full of loneliness, absences and searchers. Sometimes those who are present are more absent than those who are absent”.

Carles Mesa (RTVE) (Spain)

“A story that lead you dangerously close to the edge of madnees and wickedness. Perfect cinematography by Pablo Bürmann and perfect music by Javier Berzal de Miguel”.

El Palomitrón (Spain)

“The most of the cast (Silvia Espigado, Fernando Guillén Cuervo, Ignacio Jiménez, Esmeralda Moya and Silvia Marsó) has been awarded at different International Film Festivals. Although the most of them have been working in this profession for a long time, they have got their first selections ever at Premios Forqué and first candidatures ever at Premios Goya because of their performances in Sin novedad”.

“Entreletras” Cultural Magazine (Spain)

“Miguel Berzal de Miguel, thank you for your films, so thoughtful and they speak to everyone. From heart to heart. Bravo”.

Ermonela Jaho (The world’s most acclaimed soprano)

“A wonderful film with a fantastic cast”.

Manuel Velasco (Film Critic at Madrid Directo) (Spain)

Sin novedad praised for a lot of International Film Festivals. The debut of Silvia Espigado awarded at prestigious International Film Festivals like Västerås Film Festival 2019, Sweden or Orlando Film Festival 2019, USA. Her performance in Sin novedad is the most awarded of her career”.

Cinemagavia (Spain)

Sin novedad is spectacular! We are obsessed! Congratulations Miguel Berzal de Miguel on your dark, psychological and dramatic masterpiece!”.

FilmHaus (Germany)

“A must watch film with excellent cinematography, cast and story wonderfully paired with great music”.

Oslo Independent Film Festival (Norway)

“Powerful directing and great performances turn into a groundbreaking indie film to watch”.

Toronto Film Channel Awards (Canada)

Sin novedad is praised by critics and showered with awards. […] It’s easier said than done, but the truth is that Berzal de Miguel’s film accumulates eighty awards […]”.

Diario Jaén (Spain)

“Sin novedad (No News, 2018): The evil of ordinary people. One of the most interesting films on the national scene in the last few years. One of those films about which any fan of quality cinema is talking. One of the most talented young European filmmakers. One of the jewels of our modern cinema”.

Madrid Diario (Spain)

“An overwhelming and shocking drama. A true triumph of drama over the morbid bond with the past. A family drama between tragedy and elegy, but always shot through with lyrical inspiration, thanks also to penetrating and intense music. A story of delirious verisimilitude that touches all the most hidden meanders of the soul of the protagonists who live between sadness and loneliness. Masterful interpretation of the protagonist, Silvia Espigado”.

Oscar Putrino (MagaZinema, Spain)


National Premiere: Alicante International Film Festival 2018, Spain.

International Premiere: Bucharest Film Awards 2018, Romania.

Commercial Premiere: Cine Círculo de Bellas Artes 2018, Spain.

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