Nomeolvides (Forget-me-nots) by Miguel Berzal de Miguel is a short film awarded, nominated or part of International Film Festivals like HollyShorts Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival or Dumbo Film Festival.


A week after the death of her husband, Silvia (Silvia Espigado) moved with her daughter, María (Elena Caricol), to Madrid to be closer to the set where María works as an actress. A few months later, their parents (Lola Casamayor and Antonio Canal) send a «forget-me-nots» to remind her that she has abandoned them.

Gender: Fiction. Drama. Social. Psychological.
Country of Production: Spain.
Filming Locations: Madrid, Spain.
Year of Production: 2016.
Running Time: 0:17:42.
Main Dialogue Language: Spanish.
Subtitle: English and french.
Screen Ratio: 1:2’10.
Color: Color.
Sound Format: Stereo and 5.1. Surround Sound.


Silvia Espigado: Silvia.
Elena Caricol: María.
Lola Casamayor: Silvia’s mother.
Antonio Canal: Silvia’s father.
María Esteve: Make-up Artist.
Miguel Herrán: Director Assistant.
Mayte Atarés: TV Series Director.
Nerea Rojo: María’s mother in the TV Series.
Chema Moro: María’s father in the TV Series.
Juan Carlos Gandía: Director Assistant.
David Llorente: Props person.


Director: Miguel Berzal de Miguel.
Scriptwriter/Technical Script: Miguel Berzal de Miguel.
Production (Line Producer) and Distribution Company: Miguel Berzal de Miguel.
Cinematographer: Jacobo Herrero.
Art Director, Costume, Make-Up and Hairstyle Designer: María Jesús de Miguel de Miguel.
Editor: Borja Garrido de la Cal.
Composer: Javier Berzal de Miguel.

“A unique voyage through the mysteries of everyday life,
showing the world of complex relationships,
all seen through Miguel Berzal de Miguel’s brilliant visual ideas
and his exceptional camera movements.
It is a must-see film”.

Seoul International Short Film Festival (Korea)

“The laborious task of cutting the ties that are destroying you. Nomeolvides [Forget-me-nots] is a slow-paced psychological drama: “Miguel takes his time giving details about the characters’ pasts while he allows them to evolve in the present. A minimalist approach. Nomeolvides follows the life of a mother and a daughter, and two grandparents who long to see their granddaughter. But this is not the authoritarian mother normally seen in film. Silvia is very polite, as her daughter often points out. However, there is no doubt that she harbours great pain”.

Indie Shorts Mag (USA)

“A cinematographically powerful and surprising story, although at the same time minimalist, which is worth seeing due to its restrained emotional tone and its meticulous photography and performances”.

Film Daily News (USA)


National Premiere: Winner of “Audience Award” at Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes “Sueños de Cine” 2016, Spain.

International Premiere: Winner of “Best Narrative Short” at World Cinema Festival 2016, USA.

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