Film Director.
Lyric Tenor.

“Everyday life and beauty are blended with the darkest and vilest parts of humanity”.

AISGE (Spain)

“Family, friends, co-workers, that dark or shining night which is the solitude of each individual … Even in the most extraordinary and infrequent events, Miguel Berzal de Miguel seems to whisper to us that the most mysterious thing we have is our everyday life”.

Todo Literatura (Spain)

“A penetrating observation. A different kind of artist”.

Madrid Diario (Spain)

“Your characters have ideals; they all dream about something, for example, being loved”.

El Impacto Digital (Spain)

“Miguel Berzal de Miguel, with his characteristic skill for seeing and masterfully portraying the details and the framework of the scenes that make up the essence of our lives, guides us through labyrinths of passions, needs, longings, and human frailty”.

Entreletras (Spain)

“A sharp look into human nature”.

Dumbo Film Festival (USA)

“A short film is usually an ephemeral film, in other words, one that’s talked about for a very short time (one year or two at the most because immediately afterwards new shorts, new festival editions, etc. come out). However, “Cuidar a Ruth” (Taking Care of Ruth), “Un encuentro” (An Encounter), and “Nomeolvides” (Forget-me-nots) to this day are still receiving recognition from critics as well as from the public, even as the years pass. And that is something quite remarkable, a great achievement that should be newsworthy”.

TimeJust (Spain)

“Miguel Berzal de Miguel, thank you for your films, so thoughtful and they speak to everyone. From heart to heart. Bravo”.

Ermonela Jaho (The world’s most acclaimed soprano)

“His distinctive metallic voice betrays the depth of his emotion”.

Luxury Investment Magazine (Switzerland)

“The artistic soul. The Madrilean tenor’s powerful voice: pure emotion, fragility, and elegance”.

Culturamas (Spain)

“A marvelous spinto lyric voice with a characteristic and personal metallic sound”.

Madrid Norte 24 horas (Spain)

“Powerful and emotional interpretation of the aria Ombra mai fù from Serse by Handel”.

Classical Music Magazine RITMO (Spain)

“One of Spain’s upcoming artistic personalities. A man of many talents, Miguel’s achievements have been lauded by numerous awards”.

The British Thoughts Magazine (United Kingdom)

“The incredibly young Miguel Berzal de Miguel, with maturity, simplicity, humility, discipline, and incessant work, dedicates his life to the arts”.

Film Daily (USA)

“Miguel Berzal de Miguel is all heart, depth, elegance, and natural talent”.
Madrid Magazine (Spain)

“The quiet success”.

Diario Siglo XXI (Spain)

“The Great & Eclectic Artist Miguel Berzal de Miguel. Eclectic, multifaceted and fascinating personality. Extraordinary talent. Engaging, intense and evocative works”.

Celebre Magazine (Switzerland)

“An artistic soul”
(“El alma artística”).

Christian Schumann (Conductor)

“Miguel stands out as an undeniable talent of this generation, consistently demonstrating his expertise and skills across various domains. He is a multi-talented artist worth following”.

Vessel Lifestylish Magazine (USA)

“Culture with a capital C”.

El Cultural (Spain)

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